Level Of CBSE Physics Paper-4th March, 2024

The difficulty level of the CBSE Class 12 Physics paper held on March 4, 2024, was generally considered to be moderate to challenging, with some students finding it tougher than the sample paper. Here’s a summary of the feedback and analysis:

Overall Difficulty:

  • Student Feedback: Many students reported finding the paper more difficult than expected, particularly highlighting the challenging nature of the MCQs and case study questions.
  • Expert Opinions: While some experts considered the paper to be well-balanced and adhering to the syllabus, others noted the presence of difficult questions, especially in specific sections.

Specific Sections:

  • Section A (MCQs): Generally considered tricky with some students finding them more logical than formula-based.
  • Section B and C: Considered moderate with some challenging questions requiring critical thinking and application of concepts.
  • Section D (Case-based & Application): Varied opinions, with some finding it moderate and others finding it difficult due to the case study format.
  • Section E (Theory): Considered fair and manageable for students who had a good grasp of theoretical concepts.

Key Points:

  • The paper included a good mix of theoretical and application-based questions, allowing students to showcase their understanding and problem-solving skills.
  • The presence of numerical problems across sections also tested calculation abilities.
  • Overall, the paper was considered demanding but achievable for students who were well-prepared and had practiced various question types.

It’s important to remember that the difficulty level of an exam is subjective and can vary based on individual preparation, strengths, and weaknesses. If you took the exam, focusing on analyzing your performance and identifying areas for improvement is more productive than dwelling on the overall difficulty.

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