Elite Batch

I strongly belief that students of Jalandhar have potential to score high in competitive examinations and some gaps are left in the preparation due to lack of time or personal attention. From this academic session I am starting an ‘Elite Batch’ for top students of the city to prepare them for IIT-JEE Advance and AIIMS entrance. I firmly belief if I work hard with these students they will be able to score excellent marks in Physics.

XI Class Elite Batch For IIT-JEE And AIIMS

‘Elite Batch’ , as the name stands out is for students who aspire to get admission in premier engineering and medical entrance examination. We will provide most comprehensive physics coaching in this batch and have a firm belief that students will be able to tackle any kind of theory or numerical question in any examination.

Salient features Of the Batch

  • 90 minutes daily Class for 5 days a week [from April15th to Jan 15th]
  • Weekly test every Saturday based on topics covered in the week.
  • Last 4 days of the month for revision of whatever is covered in the month followed by a monthly test of that part.
  • Synchronized preparation for school as well as competitive examinations based on ‘Daily Practice Sheet’.
  • Revision assignment at the end of the month


  • 10 CGPA in SA1 for 10th Class for CBSE students or above 90% marks in ICSE pre boards and interview.
  • For students who scored less in the above said examinations admission will be based on written test and interview

What I Expect From Students [Rules]

  • Attendance in the class is most important aspect and no excuses should be made for missing the classes
  • Students should not come to class without attempting the ‘Daily Practice Sheet’.
  • Absence from even a single test without written consent of parents will  not be acceptable
  • You are expected to come prepared for daily class. You will be told in advance the topics to be covered next day and you are expected to read the basic definitions and concepts from the books prescribed.
  • Physics is best understood by interaction and students should clear their doubts in the class itself.

If student breaks any of the above rules he/she will be debarred from attending this batch and will be shifted to regular batch for XI Class. This Batch is only for students with single minded focus to get admission in IIT or AIIMS. The students for whom IIT or AIIMS is one of the option should not opt for this batch.

Books To be Followed

Theory: [1] University Physics By Sears And Zemansky

[2] Concepts of Physics Volume 1 and 2 By Dr. H. C. Verma

[3] Objective Physics by D.C. Pandey [For medical students]

[4] Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov [For IIT aspirants]

If students attempt the ‘Practice Sheets’ honestly, they will not require any other book for MCQ’s or Numericals.